What Is a Forensic Write Blocker?

Forensic write blockers are used when trying to attain information from a drive without damaging the data on that drive. They act like a filter that will allow data to be read but blocks write commands from getting through as this will put information on the drive at risk.

Forensic write blockers can either block all write commands from getting through or they can be designed to filter certain write commands. The blocker can be fed with a list of commands that should be blocked so they will let every other command go through except for those that are contained in the list. Alternatively, write blockers can be used to slow down the speed at which data is read. Some drives have a kind of protection which prevents reading at high speed. The blocker is used to slow down the speed of the disks and that will make them easier to read. This is important when carrying out forensics on certain machines.

Forensic write blockers can be used for hardware or software. There are hardware writers and software writers which both do the same job but vary in where they are installed.

Hardware write blockers are installed with a chip that contains software to do the blocking while the software write blocker is installed on the workstation.


In essence, when it comes to forensic investigations, write blockers are essential in preserving the data or information on a disk which is the evidence that is being collected. Many times operating systems tend to write to any hard drive that is connected to it and this can very easily alter important facts such as time when a document may have been accessed or altered. Viruses and Malware to can cause alteration to data but when you use the write blocker, the commands that would have accompanied the access of this information is blocked leaving the information in its original state.

In court, lawyers can argue that information may have been altered during an investigation. By attaching a forensic write blocker, the forensic experts such as Cellebrite and Data Analyzers ensure that they preserve the device and its data in a state that will show it has not been contaminated so the evidence provided after forensic can be trusted.

In general, the forensic write blocker will do the following

– It will block any changes from being made to the drive thus prevent contamination of evidence

– Make any information on the drive readable and accessible but as read only

– Will allow operations of a drive that is not protected.


Here are the official hardware write blocker specifications from the National Institute of Standards and Technology: https://www.cftt.nist.gov/HWB-v2-post-19-may-04.pdf


What’s new with Google in 2017

Google is one of the leading online search engines in the world. This site will allow a person to find information on just about anything. Google is a worldwide leader but that does not mean they do not embrace change. Google is constantly developing and improving. Many wonder what’s new with Google in 2017? Many of the great features of this search engine as well as marketing tools have been upgraded and can do more than ever.

Google is developing their own virtual personal assistant. Al the Google assistant is becoming more independent and easier to use. The new assistant can speak understand many languages including Japanese and Portuguese. This makes it a favorite of people all over the world. Google Assistant works with the Akinator app which makes it easy to operate the program. One of the newest features about this program is that it is compatible with the iPhone allow a person to have access to it.

Google has also developed a way to use less data when browsing. They develop Google lite. This will allow the websites that a person clicks on to download faster and use less data. This will also take up less memory. The searches will be able to load five times faster while using around 90 percent less data.

There is a new keyboard that will make shifting between apps easier. Google has developed Gboard. For example if a person is chatting with someone about where they should go to eat this board will allow them to view restaurants in the browser and copy the results in the chat without a problem. All it takes it the click of a button on this keyboard.

The internet has made personalization popular for just about everything. The Feeds on Google have been improved in 2017. The Feeds on the home page will be tailored to the interest of the users. This information will be gathered from their search results and the more Google is used the more relevant this information will be.

Google is also helping people keep track of their memories. In 2017 they have added the Photos app that will allow a person to order and print pictures through their Google account. This app will help a picture looks its best. It will recommend backgrounds an albums. This app by Google is set to launch in the latter half of 2017.

Google lens can help a person find out information about a place based on the phones they take. For example if a person takes a picture of a restaurant this new app will provide information about it. It will show customer rating and other relevant information. This lens will work over wifi networks and will allow a person to instantly have access to a world of information. This will work with the standard camera on the smartphone.

These are some of the new features that Google has to offer. Google is always looking for new ways to improve user experience and these new developments make it easier to use Google.

Computer Repair

Choose the finest way of retrieving the lost data more easily and quickly

There are many errors caused in the computer system and this will finally lead to lose data that has been stored in the hard disk. Most of the data loss is done by human beings rather than the other software problems. Data can be lost in many different forms like a failure of the hard drive, data corruption, hacking, power failure, accidental deletion, and software bugs. There are many service centers that will be helpful for easy data recovery. Even, you can search through the online site to get more information about the services offered by them. Select the knowledgeable and an experienced servicing company to retrieve your data without any risk.

Computer Repair

How does the recovery work?

Actually, the process of recovering the data will be varied as per the occurrence of the information or data loss. Many people are using the data recovery software that will make them restore the lost data in the storage and later it can be corrupted by using the tape backup. This becomes more complicated when considering the process that has been undergone to restore the data.

The other way of restoring the lost data is by using the service providers but this method will be helpful only for to retrieve the data that has lost from the hard disk. Before using the software, make sure the name of the file that has been deleted and give a search in your system. If the data is not found, you can take the system to the third party to examine your computer.

Advantages of using the software

It is better to use the software instead of giving your system to the third party. The effect can be minimized by using the recovery software package in your system that is available with more technological advancement. There is a wide range of benefits in using the recovery software and that are listed below as follows.

  • Saves time
  • Economically viable
  • Versatility
  • Easily available in online
  • Supports till lifetime and other utilities.

This is the easiest way of recovering the data that has been lost in your system. This software can be implemented in different varieties of media like digital cameras, hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, FAT, and iPods. These are the facilities and the advantages of using the software tool to recover the lost data in your system as quick as possible.

Data Recovery

Recover your data from the crashed hard disk

The data recovery process and resources are examined from the common computer after the data loss and hard disk failure occurs. Until then, most of the people are not showing more awareness in data recovery. Although small data problem could be frequently set quickly by Windows check disk, the majority of people may discover issues only if finished no further boots, or when the record recently we modified becomes trash or mysteriously disappears. Obviously, the disappointment originates from a virus attack, as well as if your drive is just a contemporary one; there is no position in ditching the drive. You will attempt to get your computer data back and resolve the drive. Issues will vary when the hard disk drive if aged, and begins crashing and failing Windows due to the age or technical problems. If so, you are considering running from that drive, and finding just as much of the information as remains.

Data Recovery

Whilst the application industry developed, the brand new-generation data recovery methods have appeared. The most recent resources are made to be utilized by live people with no understanding of the interior data structures of the current file or minimal systems. No further field-level editing emerges such resources, with no longer have you been ready to create a disastrous mistake when trying to recover data. Generally, your capability to wreck havoc on the reduced-level material straight is removed. But what are you getting into its location?

Based on your strategy, you might have different selection of data recovery methods.

There are essentially two methods to the recovery of the damaged hard disk drive. The initial method recovers information and your documents, as the second one focuses on fixing the file system and MBR buildings of one’s drive. Consequently, there are many (a lot more than two) courses of data recovery software that use both or both methods.

Generally, you would like your computer data do not care much by what is damaged, and back. If perhaps a file system in your drive or the partition table is broken, recover data and you wish to resolve the drive. Having several options starts, and confuses the consumer the chance of creating the incorrect decision, which to the damaged components which was there may cause more harm in turn.